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Jun 21, 2017 at 00:11

The Council of the EU and the European Parliament have reached a political agreement on a new legislative framework for the sustainable management of the external fishing fleets. The new regime sets out strict, transparent and harmonised rules for issuing and managing fishing authorisations to EU vessels fishing outside Community waters and to foreign vessels operating in EU waters. While Europêche agreed on the need to modernise the system, the fishing body urged the deletion of certain provisions which were threatening the survival of responsible fishing companies. In this sense, the fishing association celebrates that their call to eliminate the infamous “double penalty system” from the text of the Regulation was finally endorsed by the co-legislators.

EP48 Press Release - FAR trilogue

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Feb 02, 2017 at 09:33

Today, the European Parliament (EP), in its plenary session in Brussels, voted in favour of the new proposal for a regulation on the sustainable management of external fishing fleets (COM(2015)636). The whole EU fishing industry is deeply concerned with one of the articles adopted since it could put out of business environmentally and socially responsible fishing companies which may commit one single mistake.

EP12 Press Release - FAR vote EP

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